2018 looking into 2019

What               A               Year!

So much happened in 2018, here’s a quick recap!

Background building the foundation stuff

We launched our new look website at the start of the year with the most comprehensive search functionality in a UK disc Golf retail shop. It’s the platform we’ll be building on.  Huge thanks go out to Malago who created this for us! We are still working on a number of different areas of the website to bring more to our growing userbase.

Our new logo was lovingly crafted by Andrew Douse of Live, Love, Throw designs,  the genius behind all our artwork.

Our How To play Video, linked to from QR codes on our tee signs and scorecards was shot early in the year by the superb Bison Productions and we are looking forward to many more collaborations in the future.  We added a few more form videos to our Youtube channel which have now received nearly 100k views and helped players from all over the world.  We have a number more in the pipeline.

We moved into our new office in October ready to take on the challenge of installing courses up and down the country.


At the end of 2017 we exhibited at our first trade show and had an incredible response from landowners up and down the country.  Following these leads up alongside those we’ve generated ourselves over the last few years took the main bulk of the work through 2018.

In July we opened Cotswold View Disc Golf Course which later became 2018’s 36th best reviewed course in the world on the Disc Golf Course review website.

We worked with Lichfield Disc Golf course on a redesign of their 18 hole layout to bring  in a bit more challenge and improve safety, to produce a short 13 hole beginners loop and to bring signage and tees throughout the course.

Worldham golf club in Alton opened their doors in August to a 9 hole Disc Golf Course using our MVP Black Hole baskets.

In November we exhibited at the NEC again and over the last couple of months we have been all over the country developing new courses.

There are baskets ordered or received at 5 new courses from the South Coast to central Birmingham to the West coast of Wales and the edge of the peak district.  All should be open by Easter,  we have at least five more we expect to open within the next few months and are pushing on to produce more and more.  We are expecting over 100k rounds to be played on Disc Golf UK designed courses this year. We are only installing courses at well supported venues who will care, maintain and advertise the sport.  We’ve also got a trip to Ireland lined up to finalise the first Irish DGUK course very soon.


The MODS ran as usual, seeing competitions from Kings Lynn to Manchester to Mendips.

The MODS will relaunch again in March and we’ve got some new ideas coming together with Bison Productions for the summer events.


It’s been an incredibly exciting start to the year and our biggest news is yet to come and should land in the next month or so.  It’s a game changer for the sport in the UK. We’ll keep you all posted!


We look forward to seeing you out on the course.


Now get out there and throw!