Course Materials

Welcome Sign

It starts with a sign.

We believe in information and knowledge, the welcome sign gives us this.

It is more than just a map of the course. Many players will not have played before,the welcome sign will give them basic rules, etiquette and all they need to get going.

We will meet our clients needs and produce a sign that fits with their wishes, however we do have two standard types that are our most popular.

  • Our best price is the 60 x 90 cms single sided dibond aluminium full colour graphic. This comes predrilled for fixing to a wall of fence and is an excellent low cost choice.
  • The other is the double sided dibond aluminium 60 x 90 cms full colour graphic on both sides, This is fitted in a square post timber frame standing up to 160 cms at its highest from the ground. This is a superb choice for public parks and anywhere wishing to attract passing footfall to the course through curiosity.

All of our signs use anti graffiti finishes and UV protection enusring long lasting good looks!

Tee Signs

Continuing with the signage and just as important as the welcome sign, Tee Signs give players the information they need to play a hole. This will have detailed information and warnings. It’s important that the graphic is big, bold and in their faces, but also looks good and sits well within the park.

With that in mind we have developed a few standard options all using our UV proofed, anti-graffiti dibond aluminium, full colour printed graphics. We use security screws and bonding glue to make sure the signs stay where the ought to!

All of our tee signs come with the QR code link to the how to play video.  This innovation was launched in later 2018 and has met with great success giving new players an easy introduction and taking the onus off the landowners. It also works as an educational tool for anyone finding the signs and wondering what they are!

Our first and lowest cost option is just the sign which is then fixed to your own fixings.  We love to try and use something that is unique to your course or land – ie bricks at an old brickworks or logs from one of the trees cut down for the course.  This provides both a unique and memorable touch for the course and is generally a lot cheaper!

Next we have the mow over Tee sign. This was developed in conjunction with golf course partners wanting to fit the signs within their environment without impacting on the current offerings. This excellent priced tee gives a 44 x 21 cms space for huge amounts of information for the player. It sits 2 cms below the level of the turf and can be mowed over without damage. Great for courses with obvious flow and teeing areas wanting to produce a lovely tee for players without impacting on other activities.

The next is better for parks trying to attract attention to the course or helping players find their way around. It’s a 25 x 19 cms graphic attached to a timber post 20 cms wide by 10 cms deep standing up to 1 meter tall. This is a great option for visibility on a course with short walks between tees.

Our third is the most robust and can be found at our flagship course in Bedworth (pictured above) It is a 25 cms tall by 16 cms wide oval graphic attached to a telegraph pole cut at a 45 degree angle. Whilst this is our most expensive it is still cost effective and will stand up to the worst treatment possible. Great option for parks worried about vandalism.

We will happily find other fixings for our signs to suit our clients needs.

Tee Mats

The solid foundation every player and course eventually needs.

Driving in disc golf is a dynamic motion requiring firm footing, that’s where the tee mat comes in. There are many different options out there but we believe only one stands up to the damp British Climate – well laid long pile astro tees.

The first option and also the cheapest is…none. Tee mats, depending on the course, are, for us, a luxury item to begin with. They will improve the course they will give players a better experience but they aren’t vital until footfall makes them vital.

With this in mind we often recommend for the first few months of a course to just use the natural ground as the teeing area. As footfall increases, erosion will increase and tee mats will become a necessity, happily they will have been paid for by the players using them!

When a tee is needed we do two as standard. An advanced tee – 1.5 x 3 meters and a beginners tee 1 x 1.5 meters – sizes may vary slightly depending on the land.

These are long pile hardwearing astro mats requiring no infill. They are fixed to a timber frame dug into the ground and fixed by posts at four corners, this is then backfilled to create an even surface for the tee mat to sit on – depending on the ground type some aggregate may be needed to create an even finish under the mat.

We again produce these as mow over mats, so they are set a couple of cms under ground level, not enough to be a trip hazard but enough to allow players to run on without issue and to allow mowers to mow over the top.


Finally our course design journey brings us to the big one – the Basket.

These are the things that define the course and create such satisfaction with players.

We use 3 different permanent baskets from three separate manufacturers, 2 based in Scandinavia and the other in the US. All three have proven their quality to us over the years and we use them because they are the best quality at the best prices.

Unless the client specifically requests one of these we will use whichever is best priced and available at the time, all three will give as good an experience as each other.

Prodigy T2 or T3

We teamed up with Prodigy in 2018 and are now installing T2’s at the majority of our course installations.  The excellent build quality coupled with great price has made these our first choice. The T3 is an excellent lower priced option for courses not looking to run tournaments (although they are PDGA certified for tournaments)

Latitude 64 Pro Basket
The oldest European made basket – great quality, great price

Prodiscus Targetti
Our most used Basket to date, bright, obvious and catches superbly, great prices.

MVP Black Hole Portal
We loved the MVP Black Hole Pro’s for pop up tournaments, the Portal continues the excellence.


Extra, extra, read all about it….

What extras do we need on a Disc Golf Course? Well lots if you want it to be more than just a course and become a destination.
This one partly comes under safety and on some courses is a necessity rather than an extra.

Safety + Warning
Safety and warning signs are vital on courses with lots of pedestrian access, especially on land that has newly become an area for sports. We try our best to make sure a course does not intersect with walking paths, but sometimes people have their own path that they have walked for years and they aren’t stopping for anybody. Warning signs and educational signs help to let them know what’s going on.

Educational Signs

  • What is this weird metal basket?
  • What are these signs?
  • How can the person reading get involved?
  • Where do they pay their green fees?
  • Where is the nearest bin/toilet/cafe?

All the sort of questions that having answers to out on the course will drive more traffic to your course and other facilities and hopefully keep the course in pristine condition.

Next Tee signs
We love a good flow to a course and the ideal scenario has the next tee a short walk in an obvious direction from the last basket, but this can’t always be the case – where there’s a walk there should be good signage leading the way. if that can couple as educational signage, all the better!

Benches, Bins + Shelters
No surprises here – benches and seats are great to have every few holes at the tee. There is sometimes a wait for slow groups, players have a better experience when they can sit comfortably and chat.

If rain shelters every 6 holes are possible within budget, even better.

Providing bins every few holes is always a good idea. Whilst Disc Golfers tend to be very aware of their surroundings and many litter pick as they go, it’s always good to have a receptacle to hand to deposit the rubbish!

Practice Baskets and Driving Ranges
Now we’re into real luxury items in the course that has it all. Just like golf, players like to warm up before a round. A driving net can be a superb low cost way to provide the driving experience and a few practice putting baskets are the icing on the cake!

After Service