11th of February 2019. A historic day for Disc Golf UK!

Ladies and Gentlemen, roll out the red carpets.

Royalty has arrived!

We are delighted to announce PDGA approval of The Duke!

The Duke is the first disc in Disc Golf UK’s line up.  British designed and produced it’s a straight, stable, long flying Mid-range with a predictable fade giving great control coupled with surprising distance.

A great disc for all levels of ability with top players reaching for it as their go to control midrange and newer players revelling in the predictable flight paths in all conditions.

Prototype testers described it as the longest Mid-range they’ve ever thrown.

Flight numbers:

Speed 5.5

Glide 4

Turn 0

Fade 3.5

This will be shortly followed by the Duchess, a more beginner friendly version of the Duke, the Baron, our beaded putter and the Count the fairway driver you can count on.  All will be available in our Noble and Regal plastic blends.

We will be taking preorders for the Duke this week and looking to support tournaments in both the UK, Europe and beyond with great value and great quality discs.


and this isn’t the best news we’ve had this week…

Stay tuned 🙂

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