About Us

In 2007 Richard Hatton discovered Disc Golf at Quarry Park.  Immediately addicted he started running events within the year and had become the Secretary of the British Disc Golf Association by 2009.

In 2014 along with Jon Tweed he installed his first course, Bedworth Miners Welfare Park and the process made him think there was a different way to get courses in the ground in the country.

The company was formed next year and since then it has been a mission to grow the sport of Disc Golf through competitions, courses, coaching and access to discs.

We started producing our own UK made discs in 2019 and these have gone on to sell worldwide under the Launch Disc Golf and Disc Golf UK brands.

A partnership with the Disc Manufacturers led to the formation of Disc Golf Distribution the parent company and the company is going from strength to strength year on year with a focus of giving back to the community and growing the sport from the grass roots level.