Plastic Guide – Disc Golf UK

Noble Plastic

This is our Baseline plastic and currently the base for all our other mixes below.  This is comparable to DX or Retro line but with a bit more grip and good durability. A great plastic for Putters, Midranges and Fairway Drivers.


The Base plastic is Noble enhanced with glitter and some other plastic fillers giving the discs a unique gleam and a chalky grippy feeling.  great grip in all weather conditions and easy to find.

Marble Fleck

The Base plastic is Noble enhanced with a Marble flecked filler, giving a bit more weight and a very chalky grippy feeling plastic, great in all weather conditions.

Glow in the Dark

Says it all really!  These discs glow brightly in the dark making them ideal for nightgolf.


Fluorescent Plastic was our first experiment with different additives and we love the feel.  It produces a unique feeling grip, rough but very tactile. Only available in lighter weights at the moment, but in the Duke Midrange this plastic will still stand up to the most severe headwinds.