Disc Golf UK and Launch Disc Golf Team

So who are we all?

The Boring Business Ones

Richard Hatton – Co – Owner,  Course Designer 

Contact – richard@discgolfuk.com

I started playing in 2007 after a friend told me about a sport where you threw frisbees in a farmers field (this field turned out to be the world famous Quarry Park Disc Golf course).  When i finally played 6 months later I was hooked immediately.  I ran my first tournament a year later and was on the board of the British Disc Golf Association within 2 years. By 2010 after being involved in the redesign of Quarry Park the idea of a business that could help grow the sport at the rate I wanted to see was forming. I started looking around for places to put a course in my local area. In the meantime children came along and became all encompassing but by 2014 along with Jon Tweed we had designed and installed our first 18 hole course in Bedworth which remains one of the highest rated courses in the country.

Disc Golf UK was formed during this process with a view to getting more courses in the ground by directly approaching and actively selling them to landowners, we’ve installed a host of courses since and have begun manufacturing our own discs, bags and targets since 2019 to help make Disc Golf more affordable and accessible in the UK.

I’m delighted to have had the opportunity to design courses on a number of different properties.  The highlights are the 4th highest rated course in the World (according to UDisc Sept. 2020) at the beautiful Felin Geri in Wales and the stunning Cotswold View which was the 36th best rated course in the world according to Disc Golf Course Review in 2018.  I’m passionate about course design and bringing the best elements of a property into the course.  I love varied designs, having fun with the player and making sure there is a challenge for all levels of ability,  from complete beginners to World Champions,  whilst showcasing the best the property has to offer.

Personal highlights have been winning British Tour events in both the Amateur and Open divisions, getting to play with a number of World Champions and having met lifelong friends through the sport from all over the world.


Daniel Hunter – Co – Owner, Disc Molder extraordinaire. 

Contact – dhunter@discgolfuk.com


Matt Cutler – South West Area Manager

Contact – matt@discgolfuk.com

Dan Whiteman  – South East Area Manager

I am currently in my 2nd disc golf life. I first discovered disc golf at University of Essex around the year 2000. Playing socially with my mates I was hooked watching a huge air bounce the first time I cleared the “Road Hole”.  I started playing in the odd tournament on courses including Campbell Park in MK and Headington in Oxford. I still have the first 2 discs I bought, a Discraft Z-Xpress and a Millennium SS Omega. Then work, life and moving back to Berkshire meant that with a lack of a local course the discs only saw the light of day for very occasional field work.

Then In 2014/15 I was working for England Rugby in Berkshire when a local 9 hole golf course was shut. Though my sports development contacts enquiries were made and permission to throw discs at portable targets on the site was given. The Royal Berkshire DGC now has 18 permanent baskets and a growing membership, I am extremely proud to have been a founding member of Berkshire Disc Golf Club.

Around this time I decided that I wanted to use my sports development experience to help grow the sport and Launch Disc Golf was born, selling discs, running tournaments and the Down South Series and supporting events like the Berkshire Schools Games. At some point on this journey I also met Rich and the more we talked we found we shared common goals for disc golf in the UK. Fast forward a few years and Launch is now part of the DGUK family taking the brand to a point I could only dream of. I can’t wait to see what the next few years will bring!

Contact – dan@discgolfuk.com

Gary Parr – Northern Ireland Area Manager

Ken Jarvis – Southern Ireland

The Tournament Team

Mark Davis 

Mark is the numbers guy.  Need a spreadsheet sorting?  Done. Need a PDGA doc uploading? Didn’t even need to ask.  This is the guy in the background you don’t even see making the tournament happen.  Without him it’s chaos.

He’s also a pretty decent discgolfer having won numerous Amateur and a few Open British Tour events.

Andrew Douse

Ever come to a MODS tournament and looked at a tee sign? Andrew made that. Seen our logo?  Andrew. Beautiful map of a course? Yup.  You guessed it!

It’s the little things that make tournaments a success and Andrew’s been helping us do that right from the start.  He’s also the treasurer at Bedworth Disc Golf club and is often out on the course introducing new people to the sport.


“I Started playing Disc golf 10 years ago on a Dads group outing At Quarry Park and was instantly hooked. Within a few weeks I was frequenting Quarry Park regularly, a few months and I was playing in the Hyzer Cup for the QP rangers, and within the year playing 2 day tournaments wherever I could get to. As a forehand dominant player (which I blame on a genetic Tennis fh backspin shot) I often have to take the lesser thrown route on holes, and have a pretty good fh turnover shot as a result.  Currently involved with the Bedworth Disc Golf Club, I’m enjoying running leagues and messing with spreadsheets. Having just moved into the 50+ division I’m looking forward to more tournaments in the year ahead, meeting players new and old, and playing with the New DGUK and Launch discs – will any replace my trusty Laces? The Duke and Baron are already staples. :)”

Adam Storr

Whenever there’s a technological problem one person is called and that persons Adam. Generally the first minute or so of the call involve laughing at whatever stupid thing we’ve done wrong this time, but then the next minute is spent fixing it.  Without him tournaments don’t happen.

He’s been playing for an outrageously long time,  one day he may get good.


Pro Team

Ken Jarvis – Bio Coming

Noah Smithson – Bio coming

Ben Davies –

Hey hey, I’m Ben Davies. I’m a kiwi-born brit working in America from my bedroom in South London… Nothing confusing about that at all…

I’ve been surrounded by multiple sports my whole adult life. As a teenager, I was a semi-pro tennis player, reaching NZ #1 junior before discovering ultimate while playing for UCL during my undergrad in London. For the first half of my 20s, I was obsessed with ultimate, representing NZ 4 times, playing a semi-pro season in Philadelphia (go birds!), and playing for at least a dozen clubs across NZ, the UK, and the US.

At the start of 2020, I finished my PhD and moved to the US to take up a postdoc position in the math department at West Virginia University. Somewhat burnt out by ultimate, I joined the PDGA, signed up for a bunch of tournaments, and started thinking seriously about seeing what I could in a new sport. The global pandemic put an end to most of these plans, resulted in my move back to the UK, taught me to teach maths on Zoom, and delayed my first PDGA tournament to September 2020.

I’ve always been in love with the process of improvement, and disc golf now represents more than just a novel new passion. Having averaged ~1000 at the Ultimate Cyclone (good enough for second… ffs Noah!), I’m more motivated than ever to see what I can do with disc golf. Just like I did with ultimate at 19, I’ve fallen in love with the game and the community, and am enjoying learning more and more every day.

I’m super excited to be part of the DGUK team and to see where this new adventure can lead. I’m looking forward to learning from other members of this talented and diverse group, and to seeing the team push UK disc golf to new heights in the comings months and years.

James Luton – Bio coming

Jon Tweed 

The Man, the myth, the average Midlands golfer.

Jon has been playing disc golf for over a decade starting out at the world renowned Quarry Park Disc Golf course where he first found his passion for the sport.

He started off as a casual player but found his love for the competition in the legendary Hyzer Cup. He then made the transition into the tour winning multiple int am tournaments and moved on to winning the British Advanced Amateur Title in 2012 with a maximum point haul, winning tournaments in Essex, Croydon, Quarry Park and Bristol.

From 2012 he has been a touring professional playing in the Open division ever since.  While winning tournaments had evaded him he had always been there or thereabouts up until 2020 when he made the biggest win of his career and was crowned British National Matchplay champion beating fellow DGUK member and no. 1 seed James Luton along the way.

On two separate occasions he has represented team GB in the World Team Championships in the UK and Estonia. Not only is he a great player he is also a great ambassador and leader for DGUK whilst being decidedly average and from the Midlands.

Jon throws a number of DGUK discs including the Baron as his main putting putter, the Lander, the Cipher and the Code.

At 39 Jon has the big decision whether to move to the pro masters division or continue playing in the Open as of next year being beaten by children.

Disc golf goals will be to always represent Team GB in the future and to not come second to Richard Hatton in a British Tour event ever again.

Sian Lee- 

A lady never tells her age

Been playing for around 10 years.

I spent a year playing casually with a few friends and found it a great hangover cure.Later I started tagging along with a friend (Gary O’Malley) to tour events but didn’t take part as I was just looking at how to improve my game and gain a little confidence. I was found many times lurking behind Sue Underwood and Sophie Southgate (our only two touring ladies at the time) to see how they threw and destroyed courses with their skills.

Slowly got better and pulled on my big girl pants and signed up for my first competition at Quarry Park in 2012 came 12th and out 13 in the Intermediate division and realised I really enjoyed competing and it gave me confidence to really get stuck into the British Tour and compete at as many events as possible. Never thought I was competitive until I found Disc Golf.

Over the years I won the Women’s British Tour title and have won a few competitions here and there. I have had the opportunity to play on team GB at the European Disc Golf Championships in Oulu Finland 2016 and at the World Teams event at Mäetaguse Disc Golf Park in Estonia 2019 and have really pushed myself competing at a high level.

I ran the first all Ladies one day event at Quarry Park and pushed for us to have our own divisions at tour events, which we now have two FPO and FA1.  We have a really good group of ladies playing in the UK , some I haven’t yet met but hopefully our paths will cross someday. One thing I will say to the ladies out there get signed up to some one-day events like the MODS!! I really do feel the best way to build your confidence is to play at a competition and see what you need to improve on and at a comp you are around so many kind talented people who can give you so much advice and support.

I have had an amazing time over the last 10 years meeting people from all over the world and travelling to places I would never have even thought of visiting.

Have made some lifelong friends playing this game and I hope it all continues.  PEACE!

Iain McDougall –

My family moved from Scotland to Chicago when I was 2 years old, so I was destined to play strange sports from America. I started playing disc golf in 1993. My friends and I would go to our local course, Adler Park in Libertyville, IL. where I soon got hooked and was out playing nearly every day. I began playing in best shot doubles leagues, sometimes every night of the week, chasing and bringing home ace pots and league wins led to playing in PDGA tournaments starting in 2000.


In 2007, I moved to South Korea to teach English. I played a good handful of courses, but only casually. Upon my return to the UK in 2014, after a good tip from Del during a visit to QP, I got in touch with the local club in Manchester. They were in the process of installing an 18-hole course in Longford Park in Stretford. I quickly became involved and helped run club nights/days, which before all the permanent baskets were in, meant me pushing my daughter in a buggy and pulling a trolley full of portable baskets to set up the course. We have been doing open days, running taster sessions, stag and hen dos, and getting scout groups, schools and other local social groups to come out and use the course. I have run 3 years of bag tag competitions at Manchester Disc Golf and hope to continue back with it after a year away.


The success of the Longford Park course had bloomed into another opportunity to build a new course in nearby Leigh, which will hopefully be finished late this year/early next.


I have had great tournament success in the U.K. I am back-to-back British Masters Champion 2018 and 2019, 2019 Euro Tour Masters Champion, and I represented and played for Team GB at the WFDF World Team Championships in 2017. In normal times, I would have played in the European Masters Championships this summer, which unfortunately was postponed until August 2021. I look forward to competing in more Euro Tour events and representing Team GB again in the future.


I have TD’d two successful Halloween Tournaments that were PDGA/BDGA sanctioned, Hyzerween 2 and 3, and plan to run more events in the future.


I really enjoy heading out to the course on a sunny, relaxing afternoon with a few friends and throwing some good shots. That’s what disc golf is all about for me: living in the moment and enjoying the feeling of a nicely executed shot and revelling in the surrounding beauty of nature.


Ambassador Team

What’s an Ambassador team?  Well these guys are dedicated to growing the sport.  You may see them out at tournaments encouraging all those around them or you may see them doing sterling work in their local community trying to develop grass roots golf. Some have been in the sport forever, some are relatively new.  They all have one thing in common.  They love our wonderful sport and want everyone else to love it too.

Rich Wood – Barney

Rich Wood, aka Barney. I found disc golf in 2004 while working on my 2nd mid life crisis at 39 yrs old. Within a fortnight I designed a target course in Croydon’s Lloyd Park. I founded Croydon Disc Golf Club in 2005 and installed the 18 hole course in 2008.

Since then we have been offering a free to play course and running record setting tournaments. We’ve introduced hundreds of people to the sport and currently have a solid membership of 70. We have evolved the course to a championship level, incorporated a beginners short course and continue to push the course and club forward.

I’m always keen to innovate, one such innovation is the Hyzer Cup, a club vs club competition that Rich Hatton and I started 11 years ago and is still going strong every November.

My proudest moments include playing for Team GB on two occasions.

My favourite discs are a really gummy 150g Teebird and Lat64 Fuse.

My immediate aims are to get the club membership past 100. My long term aim is to install another 18 hole course within Croydon and hold a European Event utilising both courses.

My favourite thing about disc golf though… is the people… I have met and made friends from all over the world through this amazing sport. Just a bunch of likeminded souls who love throwing a bit of plastic at a metal basket.

Happy Days.

Iain McNidder – Walking Fire (as seen on Central Coast Disc Golf) 

Iain’s pretty face has helped us sell many a course at trade shows.  He was a good rugby player in his day and once almost scored a try at Twickenham….which he never talks about.  He came to the sport late and a nasty knee injury stops him from really developing his backhand alongside his booming forehand but his smile and laugh can be seen and heard at the heart of every tournament.

NAME: Iain McNidder


AGED: 38


LOCATION: Solihull

FAVOURITE DISC: DX Aviar (5yrs old!!)

Catriona Archibald

My name is Catriona Archibald and I’m a retired Psychiatrist. I live in the North West with my partner of 21 years.

I’ve enjoyed a variety of sporting and other outdoor activities throughout my life, but until recently, purely on a recreational basis. I love trying new things and refuse to let age be a barrier to this; I took up Ball Golf at around age 40, Snowboarding at 49 and Disc Golf at 54. I Googled “Disc Golf” after being intrigued by the strange metal baskets in the woods adjacent to Cotswold View Campsite. The rest, as they say, is history. I have now joined a local league, playing something competitively for the first time in my life.

I shall continue to take part in this wonderful game, embracing the new experiences that come with it, until I can no longer throw a disc. I’m quietly passionate about spreading the word so that others don’t miss out. I would love to see more courses in the North West area and will do everything I can to facilitate this objective.

Carole Findlay

My name is Carole Findlay, retired and I live in the North West of England.

I’ve always been a sporty, outdoor loving person, right from being small and winning my first race at school sports day. During my life I have been a champion Field and Track Athlete in my teens, breaking and making new records. A champion Powerlifter, breaking and making records as well as placing 3rd in Britain, and a champion Bodybuilder competing and winning competitions nationally, including Miss Northern and Miss Southern Britain, in my 20’s. I’ve played sports such as Table Tennis and Pickle Ball and Ball Golf recreationally, took up Skiing at age 40 and now I’m super keen on Disc Golf at age 59.

Playing Disc Golf has been amazing, having discovered it relatively recently. You can read about my journey at www.whereverithrowmydiscs.blogspot.com . I had been playing Ball Golf a few times a week for a number of years, up until February 2019. I then sustained a bad left ankle injury when a pothole, my bicycle and me had an altercation. I haven’t been able to play ball golf since, so switched to disc golf after treatment, and haven’t looked back. I’ve gained my fitness back and can once again enjoy the great outdoors, whilst partaking in a wonderful sport.

My aim is to encourage others of any age to try out Disc Golf, it could be the sport for you. You don’t need to be particularly athletic to play recreationally, if you can throw you can soon learn to play. I plan on linking up with like minded people to promote the sport, both locally and nationally, through events and just being out on the course, or any opportune time talking to people.

Kevin Addison

I am 38 years old, married with children. In my teens I was a competitive Judo player representing the East of England until I suffered a knee injury. Once we had children I spent time fishing and played some squash socially.

I was introduced to disc golf after going through a rough time personally. A friend from the states suggested going to our local course to try disc golf and I haven’t looked back since. I have made some very close friends locally and across the UK.

Disc golf for me is very much used as a form of stress relief, socialising and also a shared interest with my wife (Kelly).  There are very few weekends in the year that we are not throwing discs.  I enjoy introducing new people to the sport and sharing my limited knowledge with new starters. I enjoy learning and trying to improve my form and technique whilst allowing myself to enjoy the sport. I hope to continue introducing new players and supporting other disc golfers and disc golf in the Uk in the future.

Kelly Addison

I am a 43 year old mother of 3, working as a therapy assistant at our local hospital,
I don’t haven’t played any sports since I was at school,  and then disc golf was introduced to me by my husband  ( Kev) and straight away I was hooked, I couldn’t throw to save my life, discs went everywhere I didn’t want them to, putting, well that’s still a challenge sometimes, but even so I couldn’t wait to get out and play again, always wanting to improve myself, I have spent many many hours watching technique videos, but in the end found practice and playing my own way was the Best  way to go.
I have met some amazing people along the way and played many competitions, some of which I had very poor results, but nonetheless still wanted more disc golf.
Going forward  I hope to play many more competitions and see different courses and of course trying to improve my game.