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Disc Golf UK Course Design – Take The Tour!

We offer a turnkey Disc Golf course design and installation package and can quote for each part individually. We offer the best value baskets on the market and have a range of different packages to meet your individual needs. Take a tour below of our considerations when installing any course – please contact us for more information.


Suitable Land


What land is suitable for Disc Golf?

The simple answer is any!

Our sport is played in the air, we can design courses anywhere from mountains to deep woodland to beaches to marshy areas and even a livestock field!

As long as it is safe we can design there.

Golf Courses

We are experts in designing Disc Golf courses on golf courses and were the first company to do this in the UK.

We can design courses around the perimeter of a course so the current offering is not affected or even design courses to run concurrently with golf and footgolf (Our Tilney Sports course is a great example of this).

As an avid golfer our lead designer understands this mindset of and the etiquette of the course. Using this he ensures that players of golf and Disc Golf can play alongside each other harmoniously whilst boosting the clubs much needed revenue streams.




It’s our number one concern and the reason we don’t just sell materials and insist on designing the courses we provide.

Disc Golf like any other sport can be dangerous. Our mission is to mitigate the risks. As a panel member of an international group working on safe course design our lead designer will always consider safety before any other factor, we have turned down installations in the past and will again if there is a risk to players or the public.


Our first concern is players. Are the teeing areas safe? Are players protected from errant throws from other holes? Are tees too close to baskets? Are there hazardous areas that discs are likely to enter?

Other Park Users

Next, but just as important, are other park users. Is there suitable signage around the perimeter of the course? Are there any blind holes? Where are the walking trails and footpaths? What direction is the prevailing wind and what is that likely to do to players shots?

These are just some of the host of considerations we take into account. We also get scientific with scatter analysis’ of players throws that take into account both wind and elevation and will apply these to each hole we design.

This is our first consideration and goes hand in hand with our course design ethos.


The art of taking a piece of land and turning it into a course.
And it is an art!


Before the site visit

The first thing we do in design before we even visit is scour maps from birds eye view to topography maps to google street view. We’ll ask questions about other activities, walking trails, unusable areas and any other pertinent information. This gives us a great idea of what we will be seeing on the ground when we arrive. We will have in mind some features we want to see when we get to the course and areas to be avoided. This drastically reduces the design time to keep costs for our client low.

At the site

When we arrive we will be looking for the key features on the course, the things that will set this one apart and leave visitors with a lasting memory of its beauty. This might be a meandering stream or a rocky escarpment, a beautiful woodland walk or an incredible view. There will be something at each course and our design will attempt to showcase it so even on the worst of rounds a player has something to lift them up!

When we have found our signatures, we then consider the challenge and fun of each hole.

  • Who is our player for this hole?
  • What is their ability?
  • How hard is too hard?
  • What shots do we want to test?
  • And most importantly – is this fun?

Armed with years of experience and reams of throw analysis data of players of all abilities we’ll find the hole that works. We love multiple tees on a hole to keep things cost effective for our client but most importantly to keep things fun and a challenge for a number of different abilities.

Bringing it all together

Course flow is very important to us, long and unintuitive walks are to be avoided where possible, if these are necessary then good signage is advised. We don’t like filler holes and want each one to have a unique appeal, it’s a juggling act and may take many visits to achieve.

The final product

It is a mixture of aesthetics, fun and challenge that brings players back to your course and that spreads the word to new players. What you will have in a Disc Golf UK designed course is the best your land has to offer and a course that is fun and challenging to all abilities.

Inclusion and Accessbility


Disc Golf is inclusive, it really is as simple as that.


The oldest known regular golfer is 97 (2017) and can be found on Youtube. The youngest pick it up with their first few steps. People who have never engaged in team sports find Disc Golf and find their niche. Lifelong athletes use it for stress relief or join the competitive circuit. Disc Golf competitions take place yearly for deaf and blind athletes

It’s a low impact full body exercise that gets people out there and active and socialising with others. It’s a low time cost, low cost, high enjoyment sport that has no barriers to entry.


We want Disc Golf to be accessible to all.

We love it, we want everyone to have the chance to love it too.

Whilst it’s a sport that will invariably take place over some rugged terrain, our designers will always try to find holes and layouts that are playable for people with the majority of impairments.

Course Materials

Welcome Sign


It starts with a sign.

We believe in information and knowledge, the welcome sign gives us this.

It is more than just a map of the course. Many players will not have played before,the welcome sign will give them basic rules, etiquette and all they need to get going.

We will meet our clients needs and produce a sign that fits with their wishes, however we do have two standard types that are our most popular.

  • Our best price is the 60 x 90 cms single sided dibond aluminium full colour graphic. This comes predrilled for fixing to a wall of fence and is an excellent low cost choice.
  • The other is the double sided dibond aluminium 60 x 90 cms full colour graphic on both sides, This is fitted in a square post timber frame standing up to 160 cms at its highest from the ground. This is a superb choice for public parks and anywhere wishing to attract passing footfall to the course through curiosity.

All of our signs use anti graffiti finishes and UV protection enusring long lasting good looks!

Tee Signs

Tee sign installed

Continuing with the signage and just as important as the welcome sign, Tee Signs give players the information they need to play a hole. This will have detailed information and warnings. It’s important that the graphic is big, bold and in their faces, but also looks good and sits well within the park.

With that in mind we have developed a few standard options all using our UV proofed, anti-graffiti dibond aluminium, full colour printed graphics.

All of our tee signs come with the QR code link to the how to play video.  This innovation was launched in later 2018 and has met with great success giving new players an easy introduction and taking the onus off the landowners. It also works as an educational tool for anyone finding the signs and wondering what they are!

Our first and lowest cost option is just the sign which is then fixed to your own fixings.  We love to try and use something that is unique to your course or land – ie bricks at an old brickworks or logs from one of the trees cut down for the course.  This provides both a unique and memorable touch for the course and is generally a lot cheaper!

Next we have the mow over Tee sign. This was developed in conjunction with golf course partners wanting to fit the signs within their environment without impacting on the current offerings. This excellent priced tee gives a 44 x 21 cms space for huge amounts of information for the player. It sits 2 cms below the level of the turf and can be mowed over without damage. Great for courses with obvious flow and teeing areas wanting to produce a lovely tee for players without impacting on other activities.

The next is better for parks trying to attract attention to the course or helping players find their way around. It’s a 21 x 15 cms graphic attached to a steel post (pictured above)  This is a great option for visibility on a course with short walks between tees.

We will happily find other fixings for our signs to suit our clients needs.

Tee Mats


The solid foundation every player and course eventually needs.

Driving in disc golf is a dynamic motion requiring firm footing, that’s where the tee mat comes in. There are many different options out there but we believe only one stands up to the damp British Climate – well laid long pile astro tees.

The first option and also the cheapest is…none. Tee mats, depending on the course, are, for us, a luxury item to begin with. They will improve the course they will give players a better experience but they aren’t vital until footfall makes them vital.

With this in mind we often recommend for the first few months of a course to just use the natural ground as the teeing area. As footfall increases, erosion will increase and tee mats will become a necessity, happily they will have been paid for by the players using them!

When a tee is needed we do two as standard. An advanced tee – 1.5 x 3 meters and a beginners tee 1 x 1.5 meters – sizes may vary slightly depending on the land.

These are long pile hardwearing astro mats requiring no infill. They are fixed to a timber frame dug into the ground and fixed by posts at four corners, this is then backfilled to create an even surface for the tee mat to sit on – depending on the ground type some aggregate may be needed to create an even finish under the mat.

We again produce these as mow over mats, so they are set a couple of cms under ground level, not enough to be a trip hazard but enough to allow players to run on without issue and to allow mowers to mow over the top.

We are working on other options through the summer of 2022 and will have more information shortly.




Finally our course design journey brings us to the big one – the Basket.

These are the things that define the course and create such satisfaction with players.

As of February 2020 The Castle Basket by Disc Golf UK is now our standard.  This has been designed to withstand the British vandal with increased strength at joins and thicker wirework they are near indestructible! Players have loved their catching ability and they are approved all the way up to PDGA majors.  These are the best value baskets on the market and we will beat any like for like quote on them.



Extra, extra, read all about it….

What extras do we need on a Disc Golf Course? Well lots if you want it to be more than just a course and become a destination.
This one partly comes under safety and on some courses is a necessity rather than an extra.

Safety + Warning
Safety and warning signs are vital on courses with lots of pedestrian access, especially on land that has newly become an area for sports. We try our best to make sure a course does not intersect with walking paths, but sometimes people have their own path that they have walked for years and they aren’t stopping for anybody. Warning signs and educational signs help to let them know what’s going on.

Educational Signs

  • What is this weird metal basket?
  • What are these signs?
  • How can the person reading get involved?
  • Where do they pay their green fees?
  • Where is the nearest bin/toilet/cafe?

All the sort of questions that having answers to out on the course will drive more traffic to your course and other facilities and hopefully keep the course in pristine condition.

Next Tee signs
We love a good flow to a course and the ideal scenario has the next tee a short walk in an obvious direction from the last basket, but this can’t always be the case – where there’s a walk there should be good signage leading the way. if that can couple as educational signage, all the better!

Benches, Bins + Shelters
No surprises here – benches and seats are great to have every few holes at the tee. There is sometimes a wait for slow groups, players have a better experience when they can sit comfortably and chat.

If rain shelters every 6 holes are possible within budget, even better.

Providing bins every few holes is always a good idea. Whilst Disc Golfers tend to be very aware of their surroundings and many litter pick as they go, it’s always good to have a receptacle to hand to deposit the rubbish!

Practice Baskets and Driving Ranges
Now we’re into real luxury items in the course that has it all. Just like golf, players like to warm up before a round. A driving net can be a superb low cost way to provide the driving experience and a few practice putting baskets are the icing on the cake!

Course Costs and Packages

Our mission is to get more courses in the ground.  The eventual goal is to have a course within twenty minutes of all homes in the UK and for schools around the country to have courses on their properties.  We’re on the way!

To achieve this we have cut our course packages to the bare bones.  When we first started out our first course was quoted £40k just for the materials.  This felt like the biggest barrier the sport was facing and was the original reason the company was set up, to find more effective ways to get courses up and running.

We now manufacture our own course materials and discs and have bought prices down to a level that isn’t just acceptable but you’d be crazy not to go for it!

With Area Managers around the country with a huge wealth of course design knowledge we’re ready to get your course up and running quickly and cost effectively.

Our volume has increased hugely over the years allowing us to achieve the following prices since our most recent delivery of baskets.

Our prices are fixed, open and the same for all.  We believe we have not just the best basket on the market but the best quality too, it’s been built with the British Vandal in mind.

9 Hole Course – Approx £2750

This is perfect for golf courses that want a course to run alongside their pitch and putt or academy course.  All tees will be shared with the current golf tees.  Baskets will be positioned sensibly around the greens.

Can you afford not to do this?


Unless a course already follows existing signage (like a golf course) it will need tee signs.  We always try to have at least two sets of tees where possible, beginner tees and advanced tees.

9 Hole Course  – Dual Tees - Approx £3950

For 18 hole courses just double the prices above.  It’s that simple.  It’s that cheap.

If design is required our course designers are ready to talk to you.

Most courses on commercial land won’t need planning permission but we’re here to hold your hand through that process if required.  We currently have projects ongoing which are getting planning permission on green belt land and in woodlands, Disc Golf can work anywhere!

We can quote for all other materials such as  safety signage, tee mats and tee materials etc.  These all tend to be more bespoke but rest assured they won’t break the bank!

Case Studies

The Activity Center.

Designer – Matt Cutler (South West Area Manager)

Mendips activity Center –

Cost to play:

Adults -£5.50


Installed in August 2016 the course had paid off its initial investment within the first two months from green fees alone. It is now seeing at least 20k visitors a year. There are a number of members paying an annual rate to play on top of this.

There has been a huge uplift in sales in the café and the spend is spread across the whole day where previously it had been spikes at busy times.

People come to play the Disc Golf and find out about the other activities on site booking on their way out.

The course has hosted a number of events from huge charity days seeing hundreds of people over the weekend to European Tour events bringing the best players in Europe to the course.


The Golf Course.

Designer – Richard Hatton

Tilney Sports Center –

Cost to play:

Adults – £9

Children – £7

Installed in the spring of 2016 it had paid off its initial investment by the end of the summer from green fees alone.  It is now seeing around 5k visitors a year. The course is designed for players to play concurrently with footgolf and golf on the same layouts.

Spend in the restaurant and bar increased greatly with the installation of the course and retail sales are an extra source of income in the pro shop.  Customers to the disc golf course also then play the other activities on offer.

The Custom Built Course.

Designer – Derek Robins part design by Richard Hatton

Quarry Park Disc Golf Course –

Cost to Play:

Adults – £5 – £16

Children – £3.50 – £7

15 acres of pastureland were bought on the banks of the river Avon in Warwickshire in 1994.  The course was opened in 1995 and has hosted everything from regular weekly tournaments to major European events since.  Players come from all over the world to play.

The land is purely for Disc Golf with no other draws on site and the course is only open on weekends in the winter and weekdays in the summer and school holidays.  There were over 10k visitors in 2018 and this is expected to surpass 12k this year despite lockdown.  The course employs a number of members of staff.

The course has the busiest pro shop in the country with around £30k of retail sales in 2019.


The Campsite Course.

Designer – Richard Hatton

Cotswold View Disc Golf Course

Cost to Play:

Adults £8

Children £4

The course was opened in 2018 and winds through 30 acres of 25 year old woodland adjoining the busy campsite.  The brief was for a course appealing to everyone from families to the top players in the country and enlists three tee positions to achieve this. The course investment was paid off within the first three months and the course is extremely well used by the campsite guests and players from all over the country and beyond.  There have been thousands of rounds played in the first year and the course has hosted three tournaments so far seeing up to 55 people in attendance.

The spend in the onsite café has increased as a result of the increased footfall and campsite bookings have gone up.

A number of local schools have added Disc golf to the curriculum and have weekly sessions on the course.


The Destination Course.

Designer – Richard Hatton

Felin Geri Disc Golf

Cost to play:

Adults -£5 - 10


The initial 12 holes were Installed in 2019 winding alongside the river Ceri.  One of the highest rated courses in the world by players even before the hillside 10 holes were introduced in 2021 the course and footfall has grown and grown.  This helps to support the core business Glamping pods and restaurant.

The course is a true destination venue with players travelling from all over the world to play but it also caters for the first time player.

The course has hosted the Welsh Open and other large events bringing fields to play and stay on site.


The Disc Golf UK Membership Course

Designer – Dan Whiteman (South East area manager)

Fairways Family Golf Center

Cost to play:

Adults -£8 – 12 DGUK members play free


Fairways was home to Reading golf Club before half the land was sold for development.  In May 2020 the first DGUK membership course was opened there playing alongside the golf and footgolf.  It is now the highest rated course int eh country and brings players in from all over the world to play.

There are around 50 local DGUK members playing the course and all other rounds go to the course owners.  Disc Golf has been the best performer of the three golfs on site.

Large competitions have been hosted here


The Free to Play Course

Designer – Richard Hatton

Forestry England – Sherwood Pines Visitor Centre

Cost to play:


This small beginner friendly 9 hole course has been incredibly popular since it opened in December 2020.  More courses have rolled out on to Forestry England lands as a result of its success.  The course was designed in a small area near the visitor centre in a way that players of all abilities could enjoy. It drives cars to the paying carpark and footfall to the site who then use the café and other amenities.


We have lots of other case studies we can provide in other areas of the country.

After Service


You’ve built a course – What now?

The building and installation of a course is where it starts with Disc Golf UK – not where it ends.

If your course is successful our business model is successful. It’s in our interests to create a great working partnership driving visitors your way. We will support you through a host of different ways.

Advertising it and bringing in players!

Review Sites
The first thing we will do is set you up on a platform of different online review sites from the disc golf dedicated ones to family fun based ones, we’ll encourage players out to your course and along with you encourage them to leave reviews.. This drives traffic to your site with no cost and is an excellent way of spreading the word.


Social Media
At the same time we will be advertising the launch of your course through our social media platforms, we’ll link to your stories and push a national audience your way

Our first is a how to play video aimed at courses with new players, it covers the basics and takes the pressure off the course owner to provide instruction. It will also show players how far a golf disc can be thrown something we find to be invaluable in bringing players back for more!

Following on from this we will have a full series of instructional videos to help your players get better and to drive the disc golf addiction!

We have run everything from Euro Tour events to the British Open to weekly leagues. If your course is suitable we can run one of these there for you to generate regional press interest and to bring green fees + accommodation/food fees etc. to your course.

If you are within 2 hours of our homebase in Warwick we also run the Midlands One Day Series which is great at bringing in players and spreading the word about your course.

We’ll set you up with the products that sell. Depending on the area you’re in we’ll advise on the best products to get you started and then the additions to make as your player base grows.