After Service

You’ve built a course – What now?

The building and installation of a course is where it starts with Disc Golf UK – not where it ends.

If your course is successful our business model is successful. It’s in our interests to create a great working partnership driving visitors your way. We will support you through a host of different ways.

Advertising it and bringing in players!

Review Sites
The first thing we will do is set you up on a platform of different online review sites from the disc golf dedicated ones to family fun based ones, we’ll encourage players out to your course and along with you encourage them to leave reviews.. This drives traffic to your site with no cost and is an excellent way of spreading the word.

My Disc Golf App

The app that drives players your way!

In conjunction with the team behind Footgolf Finder we have developed a booking system for courses which allows you to interact with your existing players and drives new players your way.

Social Media
At the same time we will be advertising the launch of your course through our social media platforms, we’ll link to your stories and push a national audience your way

Our first is a how to play video aimed at courses with new players, it covers the basics and takes the pressure off the course owner to provide instruction. It will also show players how far a golf disc can be thrown something we find to be invaluable in bringing players back for more!

Following on from this we will have a full series of instructional videos to help your players get better and to drive the disc golf addiction!

We have run everything from Euro Tour events to the British Open to weekly leagues. If your course is suitable we can run one of these there for you to generate regional press interest and to bring green fees + accommodation/food fees etc. to your course.

If you are within 2 hours of our homebase in Warwick we also run the Midlands One Day Series which is great at bringing in players and spreading the word about your course.

We’ll set you up with the products that sell. Depending on the area you’re in we’ll advise on the best products to get you started and then the additions to make as your player base grows.

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