Case Studies

The Activity Center.

Designer – Matt Cutler (South West Area Manager)

Mendips activity Center –

Cost to play:

Adults -£5.50


Installed in August 2016 the course had paid off its initial investment within the first two months from green fees alone. It is now seeing at least 20k visitors a year. There are a number of members paying an annual rate to play on top of this.

There has been a huge uplift in sales in the café and the spend is spread across the whole day where previously it had been spikes at busy times.

People come to play the Disc Golf and find out about the other activities on site booking on their way out.

The course has hosted a number of events from huge charity days seeing hundreds of people over the weekend to European Tour events bringing the best players in Europe to the course.


The Golf Course.

Designer – Richard Hatton

Tilney Sports Center –

Cost to play:

Adults – £9

Children – £7

Installed in the spring of 2016 it had paid off its initial investment by the end of the summer from green fees alone.  It is now seeing around 5k visitors a year. The course is designed for players to play concurrently with footgolf and golf on the same layouts.

Spend in the restaurant and bar increased greatly with the installation of the course and retail sales are an extra source of income in the pro shop.  Customers to the disc golf course also then play the other activities on offer.

The Custom Built Course.

Designer – Derek Robins part design by Richard Hatton

Quarry Park Disc Golf Course –

Cost to Play:

Adults – £5 – £12

Children – £3.50 – £7

15 acres of pastureland were bought on the banks of the river Avon in Warwickshire in 1994.  The course was opened in 1995 and has hosted everything from regular weekly tournaments to major European events since.  Players come from all over the world to play.

The land is purely for Disc Golf with no other draws on site and the course is only open on weekends in the winter and weekdays in the summer and school holidays.  There were over 10k visitors in 2018 and this is expected to surpass 12k this year despite lockdown.  The course employs a number of members of staff.

The course has the busiest pro shop in the country with around £30k of retail sales in 2019.


The Campsite Course.

Designer – Richard Hatton

Cotswold View Disc Golf Course

Cost to Play:

Adults £8

Children £4

The course was opened in 2018 and winds through 30 acres of 25 year old woodland adjoining the busy campsite.  The brief was for a course appealing to everyone from families to the top players in the country and enlists three tee positions to achieve this. The course investment was paid off within the first three months and the course is extremely well used by the campsite guests and players from all over the country and beyond.  There have been thousands of rounds played in the first year and the course has hosted three tournaments so far seeing up to 55 people in attendance.

The spend in the onsite café has increased as a result of the increased footfall and campsite bookings have gone up.

A number of local schools have added Disc golf to the curriculum and have weekly sessions on the course.


The Free to play Course.

Designer – Richard Hatton

Bedworth Miners Welfare Park

Cost to Play – Free


The course was funded through landfill trust grants and installed in 2014 in a public council run park.  The course is 10 miles from Quarry Park and Quarry Park has noticed an increase in visitor numbers since the Bedworth course opened.


It is estimated that around 5000 rounds are played at Bedworth each year and a number of events have been hosted there boosting  the local economy. This year (2020) the number of rounds is likely to have doubled with a massive increase in activity since the start of lockdown.


We have lots of other case studies we can provide in other areas of the country.

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