Course Costs and Packages

Our mission is to get more courses in the ground.  The eventual goal is to have a course within twenty minutes of all homes in the UK and for schools around the country to have courses on their properties.  We’re on the way!

To achieve this we have cut our course packages to the bare bones.  When we first started out our first course was quoted £40k just for the materials.  This felt like the biggest barrier the sport was facing and was the original reason the company was set up, to find more effective ways to get courses up and running.

We now manufacture our own course materials and discs and have bought prices down to a level that isn’t just acceptable but you’d be crazy not to go for it!

With Area Managers around the country with a huge wealth of course design knowledge we’re ready to get your course up and running quickly and cost effectively.

Our volume has increased hugely over the years allowing us to achieve the following prices since our most recent delivery of baskets.

Our prices are fixed, open and the same for all.  We believe we have not just the best basket on the market but the best quality too, it’s been built with the British Vandal in mind.  We offer a price beating guarantee of 5% on any like for like quotes.

9 Hole Course – The most basic package

This is perfect for golf courses that want a course to run alongside their pitch and putt or academy course.  All tees will be shared with the current golf tees.  Baskets will be positioned sensibly around the greens.

9 Castle Baskets – £165 each Ex VAT

50 Hire Discs  – £4.50 each Ex VAT

Total Cost – £1710 EX VAT

Can you afford not to do this?


Unless a course already follows existing signage (like a golf course) it will need tee signs.  We always try to have at least two sets of tees where possible, beginner tees and advanced tees.

9 Hole Course  – Dual Tees

9 Castle Baskets – £165 each Ex VAT

50 Hire Discs  – £4.50 each Ex VAT

18 Tee posts/signs – £30 each Ex VAT (Sign by itself is £15)

Welcome Sign – £80 Ex VAT

Total Cost – £2330 EX VAT

For 18 hole courses just double the prices above.  It’s that simple.  It’s that cheap.

If design is required our course designers are ready to talk to you.

Most courses on commercial land won’t need planning permission but we’re here to hold your hand through that process if required.  We currently have projects ongoing which are getting planning permission on green belt land and in woodlands, Disc Golf can work anywhere!

We can quote for all other materials such as welcome signs, safety signage, tee mats and tee materials etc.  These all tend to be more bespoke but rest assured they won’t break the bank!