The art of taking a piece of land and turning it into a course.
And it is an art!

Before the site visit

The first thing we do in design before we even visit is scour maps from birds eye view to topography maps to google street view. We’ll ask questions about other activities, walking trails, unusable areas and any other pertinent information. This gives us a great idea of what we will be seeing on the ground when we arrive. We will have in mind some features we want to see when we get to the course and areas to be avoided. This drastically reduces the design time to keep costs for our client low.

At the site

When we arrive we will be looking for the key features on the course, the things that will set this one apart and leave visitors with a lasting memory of its beauty. This might be a meandering stream or a rocky escarpment, a beautiful woodland walk or an incredible view. There will be something at each course and our design will attempt to showcase it so even on the worst of rounds a player has something to lift them up!

When we have found our signatures, we then consider the challenge and fun of each hole.

  • Who is our player for this hole?
  • What is their ability?
  • How hard is too hard?
  • What shots do we want to test?
  • And most importantly – is this fun?

Armed with years of experience and reams of throw analysis data of players of all abilities we’ll find the hole that works. We love multiple tees on a hole to keep things cost effective for our client but most importantly to keep things fun and a challenge for a number of different abilities.

Bringing it all together

Course flow is very important to us, long and unintuitive walks are to be avoided where possible, if these are necessary then good signage is advised. We don’t like filler holes and want each one to have a unique appeal, it’s a juggling act and may take many visits to achieve.

The final product

It is a mixture of aesthetics, fun and challenge that brings players back to your course and that spreads the word to new players. What you will have in a Disc Golf UK designed course is the best your land has to offer and a course that is fun and challenging to all abilities.

Inclusion + Accessibility