Inclusion and Accessibility


Disc Golf is inclusive, it really is as simple as that.

The oldest known regular golfer is 97 (2017) and can be found on Youtube. The youngest pick it up with their first few steps. People who have never engaged in team sports find Disc Golf and find their niche. Lifelong athletes use it for stress relief or join the competitive circuit. Disc Golf competitions take place yearly for deaf and blind athletes

It’s a low impact full body exercise that gets people out there and active and socialising with others. It’s a low time cost, low cost, high enjoyment sport that has no barriers to entry.


We want Disc Golf to be accessible to all.

We love it, we want everyone to have the chance to love it too.

Whilst it’s a sport that will invariably take place over some rugged terrain, our designers will always try to find holes and layouts that are playable for people with the majority of impairments.

Course Materials