It’s our number one concern and the reason we don’t just sell materials and insist on designing the courses we provide.
Disc Golf like any other sport can be dangerous. Our mission is to mitigate the risks. As a panel member of an international group working on safe course design our lead designer will always consider safety before any other factor, we have turned down installations in the past and will again if there is a risk to players or the public.


Our first concern is players. Are the teeing areas safe? Are players protected from errant throws from other holes? Are tees too close to baskets? Are there hazardous areas that discs are likely to enter?

Other Park Users

Next, but just as important, are other park users. Is there suitable signage around the perimeter of the course? Are there any blind holes? Where are the walking trails and footpaths? What direction is the prevailing wind and what is that likely to do to players shots?

These are just some of the host of considerations we take into account. We also get scientific with scatter analysis’ of players throws that take into account both wind and elevation and will apply these to each hole we design.

This is our first consideration and goes hand in hand with our course design ethos.