Suitable Land

What land is suitable for Disc Golf?

The simple answer is any!

Our sport is played in the air, we can design courses anywhere from mountains to deep woodland to beaches to marshy areas and even a livestock field!

As long as it is safe we can design there.

Golf Courses

We are experts in designing Disc Golf courses on golf courses and were the first company to do this in the UK.

We can design courses around the perimeter of a course so the current offering is not affected or even design courses to run concurrently with golf and footgolf (Our Tilney Sports course is a great example of this).

As an avid golfer our lead designer understands this mindset of and the etiquette of the course. Using this he ensures that players of golf and Disc Golf can play alongside each other harmoniously whilst boosting the clubs much needed revenue streams.

2 golfers playing through a group of 4 Disc Golfers at the Tilney golf course.