Felingeri Disc Golf Course

The Ceri river winds its way throughout the site and comes into play on multiple holes. Currently the course is 12 holes with a 9 hole beginner course. As long as the river is not in flood discs should be retrievable as it is shallow and clear.

There are at least 4 “signature” holes on the course.

Hole 3 plays from a custom built elevated platform with great views up the valley down to the guarded basket in front of the river.

Hole 6 plays through 3 rows of mature Elms, over the mill stream then the mill pond, and finally over the river Ceri to the wide grassy green.

Hole 10 is the shortest on the course with two routes. One way is a safe bail out to a field with no chance of the two, the other is direct and aggressive and all the way along the river with a tunnel of trees over head. The basket sits above a small beach on a steep bank.

10th tee at Felingeri before branches were taken down

Hole 12 plays up to the imposing Felin Geri mill, through a gap in the trees it crosses the river on this slightly uphill hole and the fairway narrows guarded on one side by the old feature ponds and the other by the old cart track up to a basket perched in front of the old mill stream and with the restaurant gallery looking on.

Once the additional 6 holes are installed in the steeply hilly 10 acre woodland in 2020 there will be at least two epic downhill holes.

The old mill is central to the course and there is a superb restaurant, bar, glamping, camping, B&B and more on site. Alan, Jane and the whole team will greet you with a huge warm welcome to their home and course.

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