Euro Tour #5 10 Questions with Defending Champ Blær Örn Ásgeirsson

10 Questions with Blær Örn Ásgeirsson

Euro Tour #5 The Quarry Park Open sponsored by Disc Golf UK opened for registration this week and one of the first names on the list was Icelandic wonderkid and defending champion Blær Örn Ásgeirsson.

At such a young age Blær already has a huge number of wins under his belt and has played and challenged the best in the world (Central Coast Film of the 2017 Iceland Solstice Showdown)

We caught up with Blaer to ask him 10 questions as part of our spotlight on the players.

Photo courtesy of Bogi Bjarnason

When did you start playing Disc Golf?


I started playing in 2015. I was with my friend in Flateyri and a new course was opening. I loved throwing those discs and on my next birthday my parents gave me disc golf starter pack. After that I was hooked!


Who’s your Disc Golf hero?


If anybody, I would have to say Eagle McMahon. He’s just an awesome golfer and a total athlete who thinks a lot about his diet, sleeping habits and his exercise.


What’s your proudest moment in Disc Golf?


My proudest moment was definitely when I signed with Innova Champion Discs.

Photo courtesy of Bogi Bjarnason

What’s your favourite disc?

The KC Glow Aviar, because I like the grip and it almost always goes in the basket.

Photo courtesy of Bogi Bjarnason

Which is your favourite hole at Quarry Park?


I almost like all the holes, but I think my favourite holes are probably holes 5 and 6. I love hole 5 because you can let it all loose and bomb your destroyer down the fairway and the upshot is always fun because of the river and the hill! Hole 6 is just so beautiful and fun. The drive is super fun and risky, I also love how the river to the left and the woods on the right makes it much harder to hit the green. This hole definitely messes with your head.

Blaer plays the notorious hole 6 at Quarry Park – Hawks nest – Photo courtesy of Bogi Bjarnason


Where’s your favourite place to play?


Quarry Park is definitely one of my favourite places to play! This will be my third consecutive year for me coming to Quarry Park and that’s because of the course and the people who are awesome! I also love playing the European Open course in Nokia, Finland!


Besides yourself, who is the next up and coming talent?


My 12 year old Innova team mate Andri Fannar Torfason is one of the most talented and hard working young kids out there. He is explosive off the tee, a great putter from all distances and has the near perfect form both on his backhand drive and on his putt


What are your Disc Golf Goals?


My goal for this year is to join the 1000 rated family!! I also want to win at least one Euro Tour Event this year! I also want to make it through USDGC qualifications, and obviously I wanna try to cash at every tournament I enter.


What advice would you give for any young aspiring Disc Golfers wanting to improve their games?


Practice, practice and practice!!


Are you going to retain your Quarry Park Open title in 2019?


I’m definitely going to do my best to get the win! I feel like I know the course very well and I have good experience of the course and the tournament!

Photo courtesy of Bogi Bjarnason

Anything else you would like to add?


I just love the people who work on the event and I just want to thank them for making this trip so awesome year to year!


Thanks Blaer and we look forward to seeing you again in June! 

Photo courtesy of Bogi Bjarnason

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