Euro Tour #5 Quarry Park Open – 10 Questions with course owner Derek “The Wind” Robins

10 Questions with Derek The Wind Robins

As part of our player spotlight series we caught up with the legend himself Derek Robins.  For anyone that doesn’t know Derek (is there anyone in the world of Disc Golf that doesn’t?) here are a few facts about him:

  • He’s a Multi time British Open and British Tour Champion
  • He was the first European inductee to the Disc Golf International Hall of Fame
  • He has the record for playing competitively in the most number of different countries
  • He’s the owner and designer of Quarry Park, a course listed amongst many World Champions in their top 10 and the site for Euro Tour #5
  • He was the British Disc Golf Association’s founder and long time member of the PDGA and is the reason so many people play in the UK and beyond today (including myself!)
  • He has been the European President Cup’s Captain
  • He’s a European Championships Masters winner
  • We suspect he may be the most universally well liked professional in Disc Golf (ok, not a fact but probably true!)

So, here we go!

Del putts on hole 7 (blue course) at Quarry Park

When did you start playing Disc Golf?

My first round of disc golf was in 1978 at La Mirada as part of the World Frisbee Championships.

Who’s your Disc Golf hero?

Scott Stokely: super nice guy, amazing skills, infectious enthusiasm. I’ll never forget his upside down skip shot off a pond to land on the green and finish runner up to Climo in the 98 World Championships.

What is your proudest moment in Disc Golf?

Winning the Masters Division of the 2003 European Championships.

What’s your favourite disc?

No surprises here for anybody that knows me, the Z Comet.

(*Editor, Dammit Del you were supposed to say the Disc Golf UK Duke, I said nice things about you and everything, grumble, grumble.)

What’s your favourite hole at Quarry Park?

Tough decision, but I think #7 Black. I love the shape, there are different ways to play it, and good risk/reward.


Derek helping us (Disc Golf UK) Grow the sport selling courses at a trade show last year. Also pictured QP staff member Ali. 

Where’s your favourite place to play?

Whitcombe Farm, Beaminster. Such a beautiful place and some amazing holes.

Who is the next up and coming talent in your country?

Quarry Park’s Noah Smithson is totally dedicated and improving fast. Just turned 15, but I think he will be top 10 in the UK this year, and next year … who knows!

What are your Disc Golf Goals?

I want to compete in every country that hosts disc golf tournaments, I’m currently up to 31. I want to keep developing Quarry Park. Most of all I want to carry on playing and enjoying the game for as long as I can.

What advice would you give for any young aspiring Disc Golfers wanting to improve their games?

Obviously you need to practice, but, don’t forget to have fun. If your practice routines are getting stale then change them.

Are you going to win the Quarry Park Open title in 2019?

I’ll probably play MP50 and I have a good chance, although Mehdi and Jean-Louis are higher rated than me, so I’ll have to up my game.

Front Nine – Derek playing in the MODS at QP courtesy of Anhyzer productions 

Back Nine – Derek playing in the MODS at QP courtesy of Anhyzer productions 

Derek gives some great advice on playing in the wind.
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