Euro Tour #5 Quarry Park Open – 10 Questions with Former winner and current British Champion James Luton

Next up in our 10 questions series is current British Champion James Luton.

James has been playing since he was old enough to hold a disc and after his breakout year in 2015 which included the 2015 Quarry Park Open win, he has dominated the British tournament scene culminating in his British Championships victory last year.

Whilst the regional MODS series run by Disc Golf UK  has been his most successful arena – you can signup for this weekend Windmill Leisure event here – he has also taken down some B tier wins and been in the top ten in European Competitions.

James watching his drive on the 200 m par 3 at Cold Ashby during the MODS. 

James has served as the National Director and Secretary for the British Disc Golf Association and played for the GB team at the inaugural WFDF Team championships in 2017.  He will Captain Team GB this summer at the WFDF Teams and has captained Team GB at the European Championships.

So on with the ten questions!

1. When did you start playing Disc Golf?

Is it fair to say I don’t remember? My dad got me into the game very young and I didn’t look back. I’ve been a PDGA member since I was 11.

Young James on Mull

2. Who’s your Disc Golf hero?

Ken Climo. It’s an obvious answer but I grew up with him being the best thing ever. Watching him play live is one of my best disc golf moments.

3. What is your proudest moment in Disc Golf?

Captaining Team GB to the EDGC in Croatia.

4. What’s your favourite disc?

In general I love a Firebird but anyone who’s played with me will know my orange Aviar is special. It’s been in my bag since 2002.

James lines up the drive with his trusty Firebird on Black Course hole 4 at Quarry Park

5. What are your Disc Golf Goals?

Short term I want to go to the World Team Championships this summer and make the semi-finals we missed out on last time.

6. What’s your favourite hole at Quarry Park?

Hole 17. It’s a great penultimate hole to shift things up a bit. I love getting the birdie on it.  

7. Where’s your favourite place to play?

Easy, Mull. I would advise anyone who hasn’t been to make the trip. Combining completely unpredictable conditions with the most incredible views makes for an amazing experience.

James driving on Mull, Photo by Tom Lowes

8. What advice would you give for any young aspiring Disc Golfers wanting to improve their games?

Put down the Destroyer and pick up some putters/mids!

(Editor* Seems a good time to throw in a link to our brand new Baron putter that James will be throwing this year!) 

Relevant Video courtesy of Jomez

9. Who is the next up and coming talent in your country?

Noah Smithson. He’s still young but he’s already consistently beating men 3 times his size. He’s got beautiful form and practices loads. He’ll be beating us all soon.

10. Are you going to win the Quarry Park Open title in 2019?

There’s a lot of good players going. If I play like I know I can at QP then I’d like to think I’d be in with a shout. I’m just praying for good weather.

Anything else you would like to add?

Just thanks to everyone running the tournament and to my sponsors Disczoo.

Sign up for the Quarry Park Open here

James at the Mendip masters, video courtesy of Bison Productions