Euro Tour #5 Quarry Park Open – 10 Questions with Mehdi Boukarabila, 2018 British Open Masters Winner

There’s one day left before 2nd stage registration opens and today’s 10 questions is with yet another former Quarry Park winner,  the 40th British Open Masters champ Mehdi Boukarabila.

Frenchman Mehdi is an MVP sponsored pro (*Editor Seems a good time to mention we stock MVP, Axiom and Streamline discs ) and has come very far very quickly in his short Disc Golf career.

A late starter to the sport Mehdi has utilised all his experience in a range of other sports to quickly become a force to be reckoned with in the Open and especially Masters divisions.  With a number of 1000+ rounds in the last year including a superb 1049 rated round at the first stop of the Belgian National Tour in February we can all expect to see Medhi continue to improve at a time when many other disc golfers are starting to fade. With tough competition in the Masters division this year we look forward to seeing how Mehdi’s game has developed even further as he takes on the Quarry Park Black course in June !

Mehdi drives at the Konopiste Open

So, on with the questions!

When did you start playing Disc Golf?
I started playing during the summer of 2014, in Olhain Park, France. This course had hosted the European Championships in 2010. I immediately liked this new sport for me. I have practised many other sports in my life (volleyball, handball, football, judo, badminton) but disc golf really has a special soul.

Who’s your Disc Golf hero?
I had several models in my early days like Wysocki, Lizotte, Koling because I liked certain parts of their game and their personality. Today, I’m rather inspired by players who arrive at the highest level and who are also very active in the development of the sport. The couple Silver Lätt / Kristin Tattar represent what I really like today in disc golf.

What is your proudest moment in Disc Golf?
Since I started playing, my daily ambition has been to progress, to learn again and again and to achieve a few goals such as competing in the amateur world championships in 2016. The moment I’m most proud of is certainly my first french championship title in MA40. Winning the Eurotour championship in MP40 in 2017 was also a great pride because this title was the culmination of  very hard training.

What’s your favourite disc?
Since being sponsored by MVP, the deflector has become an incredible weapon that I use all the time. New discs have come out lately like entropy, a very stable putter, which I think will be another major asset in my game.

What’s your favourite hole at Quarry Park?
I really like the par 4 along the fence (*editor – Black course Hole 5) , with the basket placed near the river. It’s a beautiful design, and the birdie is very challenging.

Where’s your favourite place to play?
I didn’t play much in United States so I stay on my first love, Järva disc golf park. It’s so sad to think about the end of this legendary place in Sweden.

Who is the next up and coming talent in your country?
We have some young people who are very talented and who are starting to progress seriously. I think Leo Bonnamy has all the qualities to become a future great player.

Mehdi putts at the Konopiste Open

What are your Disc Golf Goals?
Growing this sport in France is one of my primary goals, by making people aware of their leisure or competition practice, and especially their state of mind, which is essential for me. At the competition level, I continue to train hard to try to win other European titles in Eurotour but also at the European Championships.

What advice would you give to any young aspiring players?
Having practised martial arts, I know what it means to repeat the gesture and train hard. What can I say to young people is to work all the strokes that exist at disc golf, because having a very wide range of play allows you to get out of many bad situations. Always be humble too, do not believe that you have finished learning.

You won it last year are you going to retain the Quarry Park Open title in 2019?
I don’t hide my ambition to defend my victory this year. However, I changed category and I will face serious customers, Mr Tanghe and Robins. It will always be an honor to fight against Derek and Jean-Louis because they are gentlemen with whom I have a lot of fun playing.

Mehdi competing at the Eurotour event in Estonia last year alongside another former Quarry Park winner Ville Piippo

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