Euro Tour #5 Quarry Park Open – 10 Questions with Tony Ferro the 2018 Creeksea Classic Champion

Carrying on with our 10 questions series we got in touch with Tony Ferro one of the top ranked players in Switzerland and an Innova sponsored pro.

Tony approaching from the rough at the 2017 Iceland Solstice

I first met Tony way back at the Dutch Open in 2009 where in his first Euro Tour event he exploded onto the European Disc golf scene with a third place finish behind Markus Kallstrom and Bert Brader, Bert is also competing at this years Quarry Park Open.  At the time Tony was just 944 rated and beat a number of 1000 rated players notably a young Simon Lizotte, former Quarry Park Open winner Ville Piippo, Anders Sward and Emil Isaksson.

Since then Tony has competed all over Europe and racked up a number of wins, the most notable were last years 2018 Euro Tour event the Creeksea Classic in Burnham on Crouch and the 2017 Belgium Open.

Tony winning at Creeksea video courtesy of Bison Productions

Tony is making his Quarry Park Open debut this year and will be hunting for another Euro Tour win!

So, on with the questions!

When did you start playing Disc Golf?

I discovered disc golf in 2006 while I was studying Sports and Injury massage in Las Vegas. One of my classmates did a presentation on it, took us all out to the local course and showed us the what to do. I was instantly hooked!

Who’s your Disc Golf hero?

My disc golf hero is without a doubt, Nate Sexton. He has the entire game, and is nothing but professional on and off the course. GO DISC GOLF DADS!!!

What is your proudest moment in Disc Golf?

My proudest disc golf moment was in September 2018 when I played my first PDGA tournament with my oldest son. Nothing has compared to the feeling of being on the course with him enjoying this amazing sport.

Tony at the 2016 European Championships, photo courtesy of Aceline Productions

What’s your favourite disc?

My favorite disc is the Thunderbird. Basically a distance driver with the control of a fairway driver all-in-one!

What’s the best hole you’ve ever played?

The best disc golf hole I have ever played is hole #17 at the Rotterdam Disc Golf course. It is very short, but is played under a railroad bridge. Needless to say, the fairway is not so wide. It may not be the prettiest or most difficult, but I love the ingenuity!

Where’s your favourite place to play?

My favorite place to play disc golf is in Konopiste, Czech Republic. That course is the perfect length for my arm, I love every hole on that course.

Tony at Konopiste Open photo courtesy of Eino Ansio

Who is the next up and coming talent in your country?

In Switzerland, everyone needs to watch out for Emile Barbe. This lefty has all the skills and when you see how far he throws, you would agree hands down, this guy is a big threat. Besides that, you all better watch out for Luke Ferro in a few years!!!!

What are your Disc Golf Goals?

Some of my disc golf goals would include: winning an A-tier, top 5 finish at the European Championships, reaching a 1010 rating and becoming Swiss Champion!


What advice would you give for any young aspiring Disc Golfers wanting to improve their games?

My advice for all disc golfers trying to improve would be to stop thinking about throwing the disc really far! That is cool and everything, but to be a really good player, disc golfers need the ability to park their approaches, as well as putt everything from inside the circle. Become a short course master, then start looking for that distance, you will be a way better disc golfer in the end.

Are you going to win the Quarry Park Open title in 2019?

I definitely have the skill set for it, there is a lot of good competition already signed up. I really think it will come down to who’s the hungriest for the win. And let me tell you now, I am feeling famished!

Anything else you would like to add?

Thanks to my sponsors Innova Champion Discs, Black Zombie Disc Golf, Aceline Productions and especially my wife for all of the support!

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photo courtesy of Aceline Productions

Tony playing at the Iceland Solstice in 2017, video courtesy of Central Coast Disc Golf