Introducing our latest team member! Ben Holding!

If you’ve been keeping up to date with our social media recently you will have already seen why Ben is joining the team! At a very young age he has superb form and the ability to throw a really, really long way (check out the videos below!)

It’s more than just his distance that impresses me (Richard) though. I first saw Ben throwing in a post on the Facebook Group Disc golf Form check this time last year.

Ben’s original form check video

Scrolling past, his technique immediately caught my eye and I remember thinking this kid has really good looking form, then the next thought hitting me was, “that looks like British, countryside?” “Hang on, who is this guy?” I asked around at the time and no one within the local scene was aware of him.

There was a reason for that.

He had never played a proper round!

That dedication to improve without playing at a course really stood out to me and I am delighted to see what he has been able to achieve in a year.

I met Ben soon after at Gilly’s Disc Golf Course where he had volunteered to help clear the undergrowth during the original course build and I was immediately impressed by him as a person as well as a Disc Golfer. Engaging, enthusiastic and outgoing with a genuine drive to improve he has been impressing me ever since. Matt Gillespie the course owner said on that day “you should sign him up quick Rich” and he wasn’t wrong!

We’re delighted to have Ben join the team and look forward to the heights he and Noah can push each other to achieve.

Ben putts for Eagle on Quarry Park’s notorious six2seven after his 170m drive with the Launch Elder

We asked Ben a few questions:

Favourite Discs?

The 173g Star Rat I have which has been thrown more than any other disc in my bag, it is now very understable and great for forehand approaches. I have two champion Firebird’s from Del at the Quarry Park shop and they fly like beaten up Teebird’s so I love them for forehand drives. I love throwing maximum distance shots and my longest distance driver the “Richard Hatton signature Bossthat has been in my bag for ages is definitely one of my favourites. Special mention goes to my Trifly Wraith that I lost in a bet to teammate Noah Smithson.

Favourite Course? Quarry Park in Leamington is definitely my favourite course, it is very local and where I first played disc golf. I am very lucky to live so close to QP.

When did you start playing Disc Golf? I was at Scouts in Harbury when I was around 10 in summer 2015 and one of the activities was to play disc golf at Quarry Park. After playing I begged my mum to buy a disc, a champion Leopard recommended to me for £13.50. I then didn’t use it at all really until July 2020 where I picked up disc golf playing in my back garden and the fields behind it. I mainly did field work until April 2021 and I played a few tournaments later on in the year. I hope to play a lot more disc golf this year.

Disc Golf Goals? My goals for 2022 are to be 1000 rated by the end of the season. This year I want to win at least 1 MPO tournament. Another goal I have to average 550ft on my flat ground drives by the end of the season. I also want to average 400ft+ on my RHFH and LHBH. Another goal for me is to be confident on hitting tight backhand gaps every time as it is something I am not confident on. For the future after 2022 I aim to be British champion and to go on tour in America for at least a year and make a living from disc golf.

You’ll see Ben all around the country competing in 2022, wish him luck! Give him a follow on Instagram @bholediscgolf

Ben throwing the Baron at Quarry Park on a hole us mere mortals use drivers on….

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