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The Baron

The Baron is the first putter from Disc Golf UK and like all our discs made right here in the UK!

It’s a stable fast putter, great for putting, holding a straight true line but even better for driving.  It will handle a headwind with great stability and surprising glide.  It’s been described as a cross between a Wizard and a Jokeri and has been universally liked by players from first timers through to the most experienced.

Former World Record holder Ken Jarvis throwing the Baron.


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The Duchess

Our second midrange – a superb shot shaper with great glide and a reliable fade finish.

A great disc for all levels of ability with top players reaching for it as their go to control midrange and newer players revelling in the predictable flight paths in all conditions.



The Duke

Our very first disc that came on the market in early 2019.  It’s made an immediate impact in the market and is quickly becoming a staple in players bags.

A great disc for all levels of ability with top players reaching for it as their go to overstable midrange and newer players revelling in the predictable flight paths in all conditions.

The Count


The Count is Disc Golf UK’s first fairway driver.

The Count has a slight high speed turn before a dependable finish.  It has been likened to the Innova Eagle and seems to suit sidearm throwers with its shallow easy to throw rim.

Available in our Noble plastic blends it works as both a first time driver but is also finding it’s way into the bags of experienced players.

The longest ace so far recorded with a Count is 102 meters on Hole 15 at Quarry Park Disc Golf course by Evan Chomer, if you have bigger let us know!


DGUK Starter Set

The Disc Golf UK starter set is the perfect set for players starting out in the game.

The set is made of three discs, The Baron, The Duchess and the Count, a putter, midrange and fairway driver used by new players and Pros alike.

The Baron was used by the 2020 British Matchplay Champion Jon Tweed for every putt in the tournament and all three discs are becoming player favourites around the country!


DGUK/DGD Chariot Bags

The Chariot is the first bag from Disc Golf UK.  It’s a robust backpack style bag aimed at beginners but also experienced disc golfers wanting to carry a smaller option than their competition bag.

The main disc compartment can hold up to 15 discs comfortably and the spacious putter pocket on top can hold another 4.  There is a draw string drinks holder holding up to 12 cms diameter bottles and a roomy side pocket for storing all your extras.

The straps are comfortably padded and reinforced at the shoulder and the back is luxuriously padded.

The bags are available with a red interior and the Disc Golf UK logo or our new Disc Golf Distribution logo with a blue interior.

The Keep Portable Basket

The Keep is Disc Golf UK’s first portable Basket.

It packs down and is light weight but catches like the baskets on the course.

By far the best value basket in its class sold in the UK.

Get The Keep now and take the game with you wherever you go!


Launch Disc Golf


The Launch Lander is the first putter from Launch Disc Golf, one of 4 discs released at the same time.

The Lander is a long flying stable putter with lots of glide. Test throwers including British Open Champion and Team Member Noah Smithson have fallen in love with its accuracy off the tee and in the circle.

It’s a rounded nose putter that feels great in the hand in our Omega plastic. It has a micro bead for durability and a little added stability.

Described as a cross between a Jokeri for it’s distance and a Reko for the feel this is going to become a staple in all sorts of players bags from beginners to the elite.


The Launch code is the first of two midranges from Launch Disc Golf. Thrown with power it will go an incredibly long way. Initial throws by the top players in the country amazed them to see what was possible. It has a slight high speed turn, superb glide phase with a reliable fade finish. For those that know the Disc Golf UK Duke and Duchess this disc sits somewhere between the two.

Code X

The Launch Code X is the big brother of two midranges from Launch Disc Golf. Longer flying than the Code and straighter, it’s a beefy wind fighter and a must have in players bags of all levels of ability.


The Code X has been made with these beautiful full colour stamps by our in house designer Fraser.


The Cipher is the first driver from Launch Disc Golf and the first disc made in the Alpha premium plastic.  The First run comes in this beautiful full colour print and test throwers have been revelling in it’s controllable flights comparing it in flight to the Innova Thunderbird.