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Fed up of the British weather meaning you have to play your round in the rain all the time? Otherwise you miss out, waiting for a dry day that may never come? Well now you don’t have to miss out! We bring you Birdie! The disc golf board game! It’s time to channel your inner Paul McBeth and “play a round” from the comfort of your home. Can you beat his course record?People have been gathering to play different types of games for years, and now the disc golf community has their own. The Birdie Disc Golf Board Game is a super fun game that gets you playing a round of disc golf from your own home! You can gather around the table and play a game with your friends and family that relates back to your favorite outdoor activity. The game uses the Maple Hill Gold layout so you can navigate this iconic course. Boda Brothers Games did a phenomenal job with this game and it will be sure to have you playing for hours. You can use Karma cards to keep you out of trouble and keep your round going well. Grab Birdie Disc Golf today and check out how awesome a disc golf board game can really be!!!Boda Brothers says this about the game: “A disc golf board game from Boda Brothers.Simon Lizotte: “It’s one of the best games I’ve ever played.”Paul McBeth: “When Steve got out of the pro tour, everyone wondered, ‘what’s next for Steve’ … and BIRDIE! is his next project. The guys from Foundation, Hannah and I played and it was a lot of fun. It gave an on course feel while sitting in our kitchen.”As one of the players to step on to the Maple Hill Golds, you have the talent it takes. Improve your skills, get more karma, or a combination of both, and prepare for one of the most challenging disc golf courses on the planet.On each throw, you decide your level of risk vs reward, what skills to enhance, react to karma that comes your way and throw your shot.The first Run Edition includes:2 Game Boards6 Player Discs18 Player Cards180 Karma Cards120 Skill Chips12 Distance Chips24 Go For It Chips9 Dice1 Scorepad1 Modifier Board1 Warm Up Zone1 BOB MeepleRulebookFor Ages 14+1 – 6 Players

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