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Canoff is a super fun game that can be played by anyone, virtually anywhere!

It’s active and competitive- think coconut shy but you play against an opponent involving a disc and cans!

It’s a simple game of throwing and catching. Take it in turns to throw the disc to hit the other teams can off their pole, the first team to 10 points wins.

Play with 2-4 players (sometimes even 6)

You get 2 points for a direct hit, 1 point for hitting the pole and the can falls off, but, hit the can off and the other team catches it, then no points are awarded.
But be careful, a mistake knocking your own can off will lose you 1 point!

Additional rules can be applied such as penalties and play with one hand.

Once you get that ‘Hero Moment’ of hitting the can off and hearing that ‘Ping’ you will be hooked!

Wherever you are and who you play with, Canoff is a thrilling competitive game to play by all ages.

CanOff can be used to help improve your accuracy with a disc whilst having fun with friends.
It can be used with any cans, but works best with the official CanOff Cans (Sold Seperatly)

*PLEASE NOTE* – Official Canoff cans are sold separately from the Canoff game, these are heavier than standard cans and made from a thicker gauge aluminium to withstand more impact.


X1 FLYING DISC – Designed for short & long distance play
X2 SETS OF POLES– Super easy to assemble and un-clips in 3 parts
X1 SCORING RING – So you can always track score
X2 BASES – Flat bases so you can play on any surface
X2 CAN MOUNTS – Fits all can sizes and targets
X1 CARRY BAG & RULES – Handy mesh bag so you can take it anywhere
*CANS NOT INCLUDED* – Use any cans or buy the official Canoff Cans

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