Infinite Discs Magic 8 Ball


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The Disc Golf Magic 8-Ball Game is a fun way to shake up your casual disc golf rounds with friends and family. Before teeing off at each hole, all players on the card can give the Magic 8-Ball a shake to determine the type of throw they must use for their tee shot. The rest of the hole is then played out as usual. If the player does not follow the Magic 8-Ball throw instructions, the card mates can call a violation and the offending player is given a stroke penalty. Or, feel free to play with your own rules! There are 20 different throw scenarios. You may have to throw overhand, throw twice and pick the worst, back up 10 feet, jump putt, or have a guaranteed par or better. There are many ways that the 8-Ball will shake up the game for extra entertainment.

NOTE: Do not leave in sub-freezing temperatures. Liquid could freeze and break the ball. Not under warranty if frozen.

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