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Colour and design may vary. The image shown is for reference only


A firm favorite of Disc Golf dyers we are excited to offer Pro chemical and Dye. Pro Chemical and dye is available in 1oz tubs. The shade can vary when disc dyeing depending on the technique you do. PLEASE NOTE: Please keep in mind these shades may vary from the color swatches that are shown here, due to the fact these are dyed on fabric and take care to follow the suggested saftey guidelines.

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Aquatic Green DGD772, Bright Blue DGD459, Bright Red DGD360, Bright Yellow DGD118, Buttercup DGD125, Caribbean DGD401, Clear Orange DGD225, Cool Black DGD650, Dark Dungeon DGD600, Espresso Bean DGD500, Fern DGD771, Fire Red DGD365, Flag Blue DGD457, Flame Scarlet DGD350, Fluorescent Pink DGD301, Fuchsia DGD333, Iris DGD880, Lavender DGD800, Meadow DGD770, Neon Lemon Zest DGD101, Orchid DGD881, Pale Turquoise DGD415, Pansy DGD882, Radical Red DGD363, Shark Blue DGD400, Sun Yellow DGD120


Pro Chemical & Dye


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