Ready To Launch!

Where Can I play?

Croydon Lloyd Park – 15th August – event details

Holdenby House – 12th September – Details to follow

What is a Ready to Launch event? (If you would like to run one see our TD’s guide below) 

These are fun inclusive events aimed at everyone from beginners through to experienced players.

Every player at an event will receive a superb players pack including 4 brand new discs a T-shirt and one of our Carabiner mini markers.

There will be a host of superb prizes to be won, including discs, bags, baskets and vouchers to our webstore.

For TD’s interested in running an event there is a built in price allowing funds to go back into the club to grow the sport.

The way each event is run is up to the TD however we recommend the following.

2 x 18 holes one in the morning one in the afternoon.

Ideally this will be on a shortened course with holes between 30 and 90 meters

Scoring system:
Ace – 10 points
Metal hit on drive – 5 points
Birdie – 3 points
Metal hit on second shot – 1 point

This can be handicapped for juniors by changing holes to a par 4 and adding another 5 points on each of the above scores.

The Discs:

1 x Launch Lander first run
1 x Launch Lander standard

The Launch Lander is the first putter from Launch Disc golf. It’s a rounded nose putter that feels great in the hand in our Omega plastic. It has a micro bead for durability and for added stability. It’s great for both putting and driving.
Flight numbers
Speed 3
Glide 4
Turn 0
Fade 2

1 x Launch Code
The Launch code is the first of two midranges from Launch Disc Golf. Thrown with power it will go an incredibly long way. Initial throws by the top players in the country amazed them to see what was possible. It has a slight high speed turn, a superb glide phase with a reliable fade finish. For those that know the Disc Golf UK Duke and Duchess this disc sits somewhere between the two.
Flight numbers
Speed 5.5
Glide 4
Turn -0.5
Fade 2

1 x Launch Code X
The second midrange from Launch Disc Golf. This came about as an experiment with different techniques in the production process and we are delighted with the result. It is the overstable twin brother of the Code. Same rim profile and feel but a disc to fight all winds but still with surprising glide and distance potential.
Flight numbers
Speed 5.5
Glide 4
Turn 0
Fade 3

TD Event guide

Launch events are a great way to showcase your temporary course or to get new players out into competition.  Each tournament will generate funds for the club with £5 per players pack going to the club.

When Running an event make sure you do the following:

Set a date and make sure this has been approved by the local landowner.

Create a Sign up sheet and invite for players – these can be done in Google Forms. Make sure to take contact details and T Shirt sizes, remember breakfast/lunch details if you are providing at extra cost – here is an example sign up form.
Invite example

Advertise the Date
Let us know details
Create a Facebook event
Inform the BDGA by filling in this form

Tell local players
Put up flyers on local noticeboards

Let us know numbers and a delivery address at least 2 weeks before the event including TShirt sizes.

If you need to borrow baskets/marquee/handwash station etc let us know, All are available if required.

Contact all players 2 days before the event to let them know meet times and details and to remind them (some will forget!) Good idea to include players meeting notes including course map in this. Give all details about holes that are being played and anything specific that players should know. With current climate it is probably best to have this as the players meeting so a large congregation is not required.

Ideally arrange groups although this may be subject to change.

Let them know where spot prizes can be won

On the day
Set up nice and early.
Make sure any temporary tee markers are laid out.
Make sure you have the player packs ready for easy collection – have a sign out sheet to tick players off as they collect.
Make sure you have a sign at each tee for specific spot prizes
Hold socially distanced awards ceremony once scores are tallied.

COVID specific things
Consider the space you are using, will there be room for all the players attending? Will you need to stagger tee offs? Will you need to stagger awards/players meetings for smaller groups? (Ie one players meeting for 20 players at 8.45 and another for another 20 players at 8.55) Are there suitable toilet facilities on site? Do you need a specific COVID risk assessment? If you need any help with these let us know.