Beast X


One of Innova’s all-time favourite drivers, the Beast, now available with the classic X-mold rim configuration!

Much the legendary Innova Eagle, the Beast also has two different rim configurations: The L-mold and the X-mold. The L-mold is the one most of us have seen sold as simply Beasts in different plastics. They feature a fairly flat and straight rim configuration. The X-mold on the other hand is the original rim configuration for the Beast. It features a more concave rim that adds some overstability to the flight path compared to the L-mold.

No matter whether you’re a fan of the X- or the L-mold. or simply looking for a do-it-all distance driver with a controllable flight path, we highly recommend giving the Beast-X a spin!

The Beast was issued in the era of the wide rimmed driver. The Beast was an instant classic when it was released; giving players more distance using less power. The Beast’s high glide, high speed and high speed turn all combine to give big distance. It is suitable for beginners and pros alike. The Champion Beast is endorsed by two-time World Champion Barry Schultz.


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Speed: 10
Glide: 5
Turn: -2
Fade: 2
Plastics available: Champion, DX, G-Star, Star

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