Soft Proxy


Best Choice for: Putting, short to medium and tailwind drives, forward finishing with slight fade approaches.
The Proxy putt and approach has been highly anticipated ever since its PDGA approval back in September. The Proxy is based on the popular Envy core for a tight mildly shallow grip, and has a flight best described as a broken-in Envy. With just a bit of added turn potential, the Proxy is workable but still quite straight-stable. The Proxy really shines in its low-speed cruise and drop, which is remarkably straight and forward-fading. This classic ”broken-in” flight is captured right off the shelf in durable and grippy Neutron plastic. The Proxy is what the Anode is to Ion, but with an even straighter finish.

Category: Brand:
Speed: 3
Glide: 4
Turn: -1
Fade: 0
Plastics available: Cosmic Electron Soft, Electron Soft, Neutron, Neutron Soft

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