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The Baron


The Baron is the first putter from Disc Golf UK and like all our discs made right here in the UK!

It’s a stable fast putter, great for putting, holding a straight true line but even better for driving.  It will handle a headwind with great stability and surprising glide.  It’s been described as a cross between a Wizard and a Jokeri and has been universally liked by players from first timers through to the most experienced.

If you buy a multipack we will ensure the putters are of as close a weight to each other as possible.

We are selling discounted packs of 5 at £44.99 (Usual RRP £49.75), each will be mixed colours the same weight all from the same run so you know they’ll putt and fly the same!

We have a range of different styles from Glitter and Swirly colours, to marble and Glow in the Dark.

The very first Ace with a Disc Golf UK disc was thrown with a Glow in The Dark Baron.

Click HERE for a guide to our Plastics

Former World Record holder Ken Jarvis throwing the Baron.


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Speed: 4
Glide: 3
Turn: 0
Fade: 2.5
Plastics available: Glitter, Glow in the Dark, Marble Fleck, Noble, Swirly, Swirly/Marble Fleck

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