Team Disc Golf UK - The boring business ones behind the scenes


Richard Hatton

Co - Owner
Richard found Disc Golf in 2007 and was immediately addicted. Within a year he had run his first competitions and joined the board of the National organisation in 2009. In 2010 he got involved in course design with the creation of new holes in the woods at the famous Quarry Park. A lifelong passion for course design and creation blossomed. He started looking for new locations and in 2014 along with Jon Tweed designed and installed the ever popular Bedworth Miners Welfare Course. This launched the company with a focus of producing new courses and creating a player base in the UK Since then he's designed over 30 courses with many more on the way and he's not going to stop until everyone in the country has easy access to the sport!

Dan Hunter

Co - Owner
Dan is the master product designer and molder. In 2019 his company began molding discs for Disc Golf UK and later that year Richard and Dan went into partnership aiming to grow the sport in the UK. His involvement has created oppurtunities for the sport which just did not exist previously. HIs list of new product ideas is longer than a Noah Smithson drive and we're excited to bring them to market!

Rachel Mally-Smith

Sales and Marketing
Rachel is a new convert to Disc Golf and an immediate addict! She started playing in the summer of 2020 and joined Disc Golf UK in March 2021 where she has become an integral part of the team promoting the sport and organising the back office operations. You'll often see her out at Markeaton Park or Sherwood Pines enjoying throwing discs around (or into) the                                        trees.                       

Dan Whiteman

South East Area Manager
Dan was the brains behind Launch Disc Golf and is now, amongst other things, the DGUK manager for the South East. He is busy behind the scenes creating courses and taking Disc Golf into schools. His DSS series should relaunch in 2022 so look forward to that!

Matt Cutler

South West Area Manager
Matt's achievements in the sport are long and varied. He has been the driving force behind growth in the South West for years and if you are playing there it's almost certainly in some part due to Matt. He's an experienced coach and takes that into schools and more with constant enthusiasm for all flying discs sports.

Bruce Hunter

Co - Owner
Bruce could have long since retired but his love of engineering and finding solutions to problems (and sometimes vice versa!) keeps him coming back for more and more. If there is an issue with production Bruce is the man coming up with a solution. 

Becky Hunter

Office Manager
Becky is fresh to the sport and has a penchant for the ‘prettier’ discs which she keeps neatly stacked on her desk for when the mood takes her. Generally, she keeps the office and warehouse running smoothly.  

Fraser Wedgwood

Head of Design
Fraser is on the frontline for product design, innovating new disc profiles to better the useability and overall game. He is also the one producing the incredible artwork on our discs and the tees and welcome signs and, well,  all of our graphics.  He's quickly got to grips with what works in the world of Disc Golf and makes our products look top notch!

Team Disc Golf UK - Pro Team


  Noah Smithson 

Noah is the fresh faced future of UK Disc Golf. When he was just 15 he started to dominate the competitions winning the British Open in 2019.  He's determined to be the best and his work ethic in the sport puts us all to shame.  We're exctied to help him fulfill his potential! Click on the links below for his PDGA page and Signature Disc! 
Screenshot 2021-10-21 at 5.23.53 PM

Ben Davies

Ben is a lockdown Ultimate convert and a helluva good one.   With an impressive background in tennis he jumped straight into the Disc Golf world as an 1000 rated player and the UK's highest rated in 2020! He's still learning his craft and will undoubtedly improve and will be looking to make waves on the European Tour in 2021 with a signature disc coming out soon.